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Modularity Space is not your grandfather's space company. We intentionally designed the culture and brand to focus on the innovators, forward thinkers, and people who believe they can make a difference. Modularity Space was forged by taking lessons learned and advice from some of the greatest leaders, companies, and brands in the world. If you're interested in working with a company who values every employee more than anything (FAMILY), encourages you to speak up (INTEGRITY), encourages you to take initiative in your work (OWNERSHIP), then you've come to the right place.
Why do you not have any job titles listed? Great question! Modularity Space has decided to focus on leaving an open opportunity for new team members. Again, why? Well, we found that many candidates are not happy with their current positions or where their degree path led them. You see, the career path you start with isn't always as "wonderful" as you think it would be once you're in the field. Companies who post job descriptions looking for specific candidates often miss out on the exceptional candidate who might not have "as much" experience but who are more passionate and willing to learn from others (HUMILITY). These companies often fail to motivate, grow, and evolve (INNOVATE).
We encourage all types of qualified candidates to apply and tell us how great you are and why you should be considered for a position at Modularity Space. If we don't have an open opportunity for your skillset, we have a world-class internship program for you, or we'll encourage you to apply again in the future.  Make it easy and be yourself (SIMPLE). Tell us why you're so great. We don't care about your resume as much as we care about who you are and why you're the next valued team member to help us shift the space industry forever.
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