Modularity Space Identifies a UFO

August 1st, 2020

Modularity Space

Volusia County Space Startup Modularity Space, Inc. to Offer a Unique FREE Flight Opportunity to the

Space Industry

DAYTONA BEACH, FL. — Modularity Space, Inc. (Modularity Space), a satellite design and manufacturing startup, announced today that it is opening up proposals for UFO — a Unique Flight Opportunity — on their demo mission satellite, HOST[1], set to launch in 2021.

“The team is extremely confident our modular reusable satellites are leading the industry shift to sustainable spacecraft. UFO provides a unique opportunity to give back to the industry and support those who believe as we do,” said Modularity Space’s CEO Scott Weintraub. “UFO, is a global opportunity for any space company, university, or startup to get their payload to space on a reusable platform and experience the drastically reduced costs and increased capabilities that come with reusable space systems.”

HOST is a sustainable modular satellite utilizing flight-proven technologies and is capable of hosting multiple upgradeable payloads. HOST allows customers to focus entirely on their payload while Modularity Space handles all remaining aspects of the mission. HOST is fully sustainable through repairing, refueling, and upgrading modules on-orbit through resupply tug missions.

“The team understands new processes, technologies, and ways of doing business raise concerns with many potential customers,” said Modularity Space’s CTO Nolan Coulter. “The whole team is confident in our design and are standing behind it by offering a free spot on HOST. This is an excellent opportunity for an organization, a small business, or design team to get a payload in space and gives us the opportunity to both build trust with customers and prove to the industry at large that our sustainable solution works.”

“UFO/HOST is a big launch, to use a space term,” said Weintraub, “but the whole company is passionately committed to offering a fully sustainable, modular, and upgradeable satellite system for payload hosting to industry. Modularity Space is on the road to significantly reducing manufacturing costs, schedules, and increasing satellite life expectancies through modular systems.”

UFO will require applicants go to Modularity Space’s website, complete the application, and then submit a completed package. Modularity Space will review submissions and contact applicants as they come in. As of now enrollment is open, but the period of time it will remain open has not been announced.

Modularity Space is located in Daytona Beach at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s Research Park. Additional information and application for the UFO program can be found on Modularity Space’s website,