Space Reimagined: Shifting the Space Industry Through Sustainable Satellites

July 30th, 2020

Modularity Space

Volusia County Space Startup Modularity Space, Inc. to Manufacture Fully Reusable Modular Satellite Systems for Payload Hosting On-Orbit

DAYTONA BEACH, FL. — Modularity Space, Inc. (Modularity Space), a satellite design and manufacturing startup company, announced today that it aspires to do for the satellite industry what Elon Musk and SpaceX have done for launch vehicles — make them sustainable and low cost.

“For decades, the satellite manufacturing industry has stayed largely the same,” said Modularity Space’s CEO Scott Weintraub. “It’s time for the satellite industry to adapt. Advancement doesn’t always mean charging further in one direction, sometimes it means changing course.”

Modularity Space is developing modular, sustainable satellites based on proven technologies that utilize advanced manufacturing methods to create a mass production satellite service. The automotive industry has used similar manufacturing methods for decades and now Modularity Space’s satellite process can harness the same technologies by lowering satellite costs, drastically decreasing production timelines, and increasing volume.


For businesses focused on developing a payload for deployment to space, Modularity Space provides turn-key solutions. The company’s goal is to accelerate innovation by supporting the innovators and engineers developing next-generation technologies. Modularity Space will offer on-orbit upgradeable payload hosting suites and entire sustainable satellites with scalable sizes and power capabilities made possible by a modular design and advanced manufacturing methods. They are focusing on the hosting and space operations aspect, which will give their customers the freedom to concentrate on what matters most: their innovations.


“Despite some dazzling technological advances, the space industry has always been plagued by slow processes and significant costs,” says Weintraub. “and little surprise... if you are building a satellite with exquisite capabilities, expected to last for a decade, with no way to fix it in space, you want to get it absolutely right. We think Modularity Space’s fully reusable satellite system can change how the satellite industry does space.


Modularity Space is working on their first operational vehicle, expected to launch in early 2021.


About Modularity Space

Modularity Space, located in Daytona Beach at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s Research Park, is offering a fully sustainable, modular, and upgradeable satellite system for payload hosting. The company is committed to changing current satellite manufacturing ideologies and practices to increase access to space by significantly reducing manufacturing costs, schedules, and increasing satellite life expectancies by repairing, refueling, and upgrading their satellites in space.